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    • Where is East Idaho’s Biggest Garage Sale?

      Hillcrest High School – Outside in the parking lot– located on Sunnyside Road (2800 Owen Drive, Ammon, ID).

      When is the 2017 East Idaho’s Biggest Garage Sale?

      Saturday, June 17, 2017 AND July 15, 2017 from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM

      How do I purchase tickets to come to the garage sale?

      Tickets are available at the event at the main entrance, tickets are $2 each.

      What if it rains?

      KSL Classifieds East Idaho’s Biggest Garage Sale will go on rain or shine.

      May I bring my pet with me to the KSL Classifieds East Idaho’s Garage Sale?

      No, there is a strict no pets policy at this event. You will not be allowed to enter with any dogs or pets of any kind unless they are service animals.

      I’d like to sell some items. How do I become a vendor?

      We have 3 types of booths: Non-Commercial/Residential BoothsCommercial Booths, and Crafter Booths for 2017. Information on both types of booth can be found at the left hand menu under “Get A Booth” section of www.eastidahosbiggestgaragesale.com 

      What is the cost?

      • $35 if you are non-commercial/residential seller
      • $200 if you are commercial vendor
      • $70 if you are a crafter

      What is the difference between commercial and non-commercial?

      Non-commercial means that you are selling your common household items that you no longer want.

      Commercial Vendor means that you are a business, with a business license.

      How big is the space?

      The spaces are 20’ X 20’. This is the size of two standard parking spaces.

      Can I rent more than one space?

      Yes. Spaces offered are Single (20’x20′); Double (20’x40′); Triple (20’x60′) and Quad (40’x40′). If you need places next to each other that were not rented at the same time, please let us know. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

      When can I set up?

      Set-up will be on Friday, June 16, 2017 and July 14, 2017 from Noon until 8:00 PM. You can drive your vehicles into the lot right next to your space in order to set up. No vehicles will be allowed inside of the KSL Classifieds East Idaho’s Biggest Garage Sale on Saturday until after closing time.

      What if I can’t set up the night before?

      You must set up the night before if you want to drive your vehicle up to your booth to unload. You may set up the morning of the KSL Classifieds East Idaho’s Biggest Garage Sale if you have only a few items, but we strongly encourage everyone to set up the night before.

      There is no vehicle access to the sale area the day of the event.

      Is there security overnight?


      Can we sell food items?

      You may only sell food items if you have registered as an official food vendor. Individuals may not sell or distribute food at their booths. Food Vendors information is located at the left hand menu under “Get a Booth”.

      Can I bring my own food to eat during the day?

      You may bring in small snacks and non-alcoholic beverages (no glass bottles) for your personal consumption during the event. Food vendors will also be available.

      Do you provide tables and canopies, etc?

      No, we just provide the space for you to set up. However, there will be table and chair rentals available through at Signature Party Rentals

      What restrictions do you have?

      We have a restriction on food sales. Any other restrictions are based on laws, requirements placed on vendors by the companies they represent, or if something is not appropriate for a family event. You can set up your booth as you would like, keeping in mind that this is a family event and you must stay within your space(s).

      Do you provide electricity?

      No, but there will be power stations available for customers to test items requiring electricity.

      What if I don’t want to cart my un-sold stuff back home after the event?

      We have set up an opportunity for local charities that will be on hand to collect donations after the event is over. Simply take all items you wish to donate to one of the charities trailers distributed throughout the sale. Three dumpsters are also available for items you choose not to donate but no longer want.

      How long can I leave my stuff there after the sale is over? Can I get it later?

      No, all items must be removed immediately after the sale. Please plan on having someone available to watch your items while you go get your vehicle, etc. All items left will be donated and we don’t want to inadvertently assume you are donating anything.

      How many passes does each vendor get?

      You will receive four vendor passes per booth space rented.

      Can I reserve for next year?

      Yes, we are currently taking reservations for 2016. Click on the menu item that says “Get A Booth”.

      If I change my mind, can I get a refund?

      No, we are not able to give refunds.

      How soon do I need to get my reservation in?

      Booths are available for 2016. We sell booths until we are sold out. Booths will be assigned from the front of the show to the back on a first-come, first-served basis.

      PLEASE NOTE: Certain commercial categories will be limited to a maximum number of businesses.

      There is absolutely no soliciting allowed at KSL Classifieds East Idaho’s Biggest Garage Sale or in any of the Hillcrest High School parking areas, this includes flyers on vehicles. If you are not a registered vendor please do not pass out any information or items.